Sumit Kumar

UX Executive, Strategist and Architect focused on information architecture, branding, product design, team management/ foster design culture, leadership, design interfaces and interaction design.

I'm currently a Sr. UI/ UX Solutions Architect at Oracle (OCI - ATeam) and a multi-disciplinary designer whose work is guided by human-centered research, interaction design thinking and a strong visual aesthetic.

I excel at the intersection of business strategy, collaboration, and design. With over 12 years of experience, I encourage interdisciplinary teamwork while providing steady leadership. My goal is to develop intuitive solutions for complex problems that not only address the business vision but respond with empathy to the needs of real people, not users.

  • Over 12 years of expertise creating compelling product/brand experiences across multiple digital platforms.
  • High-tech industry experience with a strong focus on product development.
  • Reputation for delivering a UX vision and approach that is complementary to the CX vision along with team to create a seamless end-to-end customer experience and user friendly design.
  • Proven ability to work with key stakeholders, Product Manager, Product Owners & Software Architects to drive innovative product solutions.
  • Excellent collaboration skills with an agile, cross-disciplinary team to evaluate the feasibility of proposed designs.
  • Extensive experience in building enterprise products (SaaS/PaaS/ioT/AR/AI/Blockchain), and developing client relationships.
  • Build team’s culture to create an work environment that is fun, fast paced and fulfilling.

Thinker ↝ Designer ↝ Planner ↝ Manager

I love working with teams of like-minded individuals that challenge each other to innovate. Recent years my focus is towards leading Product Design teams to solve complex problems and create exceptional products.

  • I focus on removing the unnecessary to enhance the "Important" by following Simplicity & Reality influences.
  • I have a hands-on approach in solving problems and designing solutions.

In designing for a wide range of services, media and devices, I focus is on emerging technologies and platforms to create digital and connected experiences that are engaging and easy to use. I’m constantly evolving my understanding of the way the world uses the web so I can design a more seamless experience for everyone that uses it.

With expertise working across a broad range of digital mediums, I’ve been involved in the online space for well over a decade creating small, large & enterprise scale solutions, experiences and mobile applications for brands and businesses of all sizes. Some of them you’ve heard of including Oracle, GE, Berkshire Hathaway, BP, NAB (National Australia Bank) to name a few.

Selective Portfolio

It's by no means exhaustive (case studies for enterprise projects is available in-person) but should give you an idea of the kind of work I do.

QuickPivot Marketing Automation

QuickPivot is a digital media marketing firm in Boston that specialize in -- Database marketing, Demand generation, Lead management, Lead nurturing, Retail Marketing, Customer intelligence, Alterian, Omnichannel Marketing, Eloqua solutions and Campaign Management.


Create a product design that competes with enterprise firms like Marketo or Eloqua.

My Role

Information Architect, Team Management, Product Strategy, User Research & Analysis, Persona Creation, MVP Definition, Wireframes, UI Design & Prototyping and Usability Testing.


MITX (The Massachusetts Innovation & Technology Exchange) Award

Oracle Open World Larry Ellison

Oracle OpenWorld is an annual Oracle convention for business decision-makers, IT management, and line-of-business end users. The world's largest conference for Oracle customers and technologists.


Create a keynote demo for Larry Ellison - showcasing the power of Oracle Management Cloud.

My Role

User Research, Wireframes, UI Design & Prototyping, Remote Team Management, Usability Testing, Interaction Designer and Visual Designer.

OrCard Business Card Sharing

OrCard is the most advanced, secure and eco-friendly app to manage and exchange a digital business contact information bundled with augmented reality view, instant contact share, and real-time live social media updates.


Create a product that enables business card sharing on the fly using AR/QRCode.

My Role

User Research & Analysis, Persona Creation, Wireframes, UI Design & Prototyping, Usability Testing, Interaction Designer and Visual Designer.


Grace Hopper (FL)

Interesting Projects

AR Object Scanner App Design


Blockchain Identity Manager (BIM)


Oracle Cloud Onboarding


Fun Stuff

Clean Crypto Currency Dashboard concept featuring top currencies watchlist along with latest transactions + Wallet view.

eCom Shop concept gives customers a seamless user experience on both desktop and mobile devices.

UX Strategy


  • Business problem
  • User problem
  • Obstacles between you and your product


  • Goals you want to achieve
  • Future outcomes
  • Competitive product

Focus Areas

  • Scope of strategy
  • Strategy fall outs
  • Strategy greatest impact


  • Getting it done
  • Innovative experiences with positive impact

Activity Areas

  • IA
  • Research
  • Prototype
  • Wireframes
  • Testing

KPIs/ Measurements

  • Task success rate
  • Time on task
  • Error rate
  • Usability scale


Agile Project Management
Competitive Analysis
Creative Direction
Design Management
Design Production
Design Strategy

Heuristic Evaluations
Information Architecture
Journey Mapping
Product Rollout/Launch
Product Development
Project Leadership

Team Building/Oversight
UI & Interaction Design
Usability Testing
User Research
UX Design
Vendor Management


Sketch, Adobe Creative Cloud, Craft, Zeplin, Avocode, Frontify, Keynote, InVision/InVision Studio, Principle, Wordpress, CSS, HTML, Balsamiq, Frontify, Github, Sublime Text, JIRA, Pivotal Tracker, Mixpanel and Google Analytics.

A good user experience, like a measurable ROI, doesn’t typically happen by accident. It is the result of careful planning, analysis, investment, and continuous improvement.

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